A Freelancer Christmas

20 Days to go and it’s Christmas!

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Philippines. No matter what your religion is, you can’t help it but to get excited too! You can see people rushing and buying gifts and you can hear the Christmas carol everywhere. Truly, Christmas is part of the Filipino life and I can’t imagine a year without celebrating it.

Freelancer like me doesn’t enjoy bonus and 13th month pay like an ordinary employee. However, bonuses happen every time our clients are happy with our work. There are also generous clients who will send you gifts as a Christmas present. I have a friend in the industry who will be receiving iPhone5S Gold from her client. Isn’t it cool?

Freelancers don’t have vacation on holidays as well but that can be plan in advance. So how does a freelancer like me can enjoy the holiday season?

Tips to Enjoy Christmas as a Freelancer


Tip #1 – Plan your Christmas vacation ahead. If you are planning to go on a trip this season, you should have plan in advance. Many of us are booking for flight, hotels and have dinner reservation on this holiday. Thus, to enjoy the season booked in advance. This will save you from expensive hotels and tickets on the holiday. You can find great deals when you booked beforehand.

Do not also get projects within this season so you can enjoy the holiday without worrying. If you have a long term project that you don’t want to drop, it is better to tell your client about your plan so you can adjust early on.

Tip #2 – Finish your pending projects or work in advance

If you want a simple Christmas at home, a simple dinner, exchange gifts and time for your family then I advise you to finish your pending tasks, your projects or work in advance so you can have a whole day celebration and a day to rest.

Tip #3 – Settle all your obligations 

Pay all your monthly bills in advance. It is advisable to do it at the first week of the month so you can have shopping galore afterwards. As we know this season is very expensive and we need time and money to buy gifts for our love ones and our inaanak.

So there you have it! My 3 simple tips on how to enjoy the holiday as a freelancer. I am working on my plans already and starting paying my bills.


Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to comment! Happy Holiday!


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