Province Life

Growing up in the city makes me yearn to know what it’s like to live in the province. How refreshing the sea to see? How high and steep the mountains and volcanoes are? How green the pasture is? Is the air really fresh? How serene the place is?

After I graduated college, I start exploring some provinces. I lived in Baguio, Quirino Province, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte, Pangasinan and now I am in my 3rd month here in Batangas.

BaguioI’ve been to Baguio 5x already. It is indeed very cold in the city, especially on January. It is a very relaxing place with great blossoms every where in the street! Yes, the air is so fresh! The houses are built in a steep and high mountain. So scary to look at! The first time, I set my feet on the City of Pines 10 years ago at Burnharm Park at 5am. I went jogging right away. It is a dream comes true. When I was living in this very romantic place, all I want was coffee.


I went to Sorsogon on 2004 and lived there for a whole month of May. It is the farthest place I’ve been since leaving home with 14 hours bus ride from Cubao bus station to the City Proper of Sorsogon. On the way, I believe I saw the glimpse of Mayon Volcano. I was so excited way back then! The place was known for their large crabs! I love their pili nuts. I ate a kilo of fresh pili nuts and my stomach go wild. Coconut trees are all around the area and Bicolano are very nice people. Oh, you should try their Bicol express and their “burong santol”!

I lived in Naga, where I have the opportunity to watch the Fiesta of Penafrancia. I also lived in Daet and tried to surf at Bagasbas beach. The waves are so high and you need to hold on or else you will get carried away by the current. (I will ask my friends for the pictures and post it on here soon)

1915853_114207055258001_6599535_nPangasinan is the place I lived the longest. I live there for 1-2 years on 2008. I lived at Binmaley where you can walk your way to the Binmaley Beach and the Lingayen Gulf is just a short ride. Lingayen has a rich history. It is one of the place where Douglas McArthur came aboard. My only complain is that, the people sleeps so early, I can’t buy a midnight snack 😛 Well, you should try their pigar-pigar and delicious Bangus. Oooops..I forgot to mention how beautiful the Hundred islands is..too bad, I can’t confirm if the islands are really a hundred. 🙂

100 islands

Now, I’m here in Batangas. Try their kapeng barako, no matter how hard you try, you will never fall asleep..hahaha. Lomi and chami is everywhere, you should try them too! The place is peaceful. There are green pastures everywhere where cow and carabao enjoy roaming around.

2014-12-06 16.57.45


I’m not finish here yet. I will update you with more at my next blog!


Sorry about the pictures. I just used a mobile cam 🙂

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