Merry Christmas to Everyone!

3 days to go and it’s Christmas Day! Let me use this opportunity to greet you all an advance Merry Christmas before everything gets busy with us!

Have you bought your Christmas gifts already? I’m done with the half of it and today I’m going out to buy more!

I just want to share that I already receive an early Christmas present and it is what I want for Christmas! I got a bag where I can place my netbook, its accessories and my personal things. I want a bag-on-the-go because I am such a fickle minded person. There is an instant that I want to go somewhere else and as long as I have my bag with me I am good to go.


So thank you to the one who gave it to me 🙂

Have you received the Christmas present you want this season? Don’t lose hope, we still have 3 days to go before Christmas and who knows you might get it. Just in case you didn’t, don’t get sad.. it is better to give than to receive. What is important this season is that you give love and you spend time with your love ones. This only happens once in a year so take advantage of it!

I got to run! Happy Holidays!

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