Sky Ranch – First Day Celebration of 2015

Welcome 2015!

Yesterday we spent the first day of the 2015 at Tagaytay Highlands. Tagaytay is one of the tourist destinations of the country because of its cold climate and breathtaking sky land view. Legend says that the word Tagaytay comes from two words such “taga” – cut and “itay” – father. It was said that long time ago a father and son went to hunt and suddenly the father was attacked by a boar so the son shouted “taga itay”. The shout was heard all over the ridge and becomes the subject of conversation afterwards. The stories were repeated several times until the place where the cried was heard becomes known as Tagaytay.  Tagaytay was the Tagalog word for “ridge”.

In was my third time I set my foot on the place but it was my first time at Tagaytay Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch is the newest attraction of the city where you can see the whole city when you ride Sky Eye (Ferris Wheel). You will notice that Sky Eye moves in slow motion because it meant to make you relax while enjoying the view.

Taal ChurchFirst stop, we visited Asia’s Largest Catholic Church “Basilica of St. Martin de Tours” (Taal Basilica, Batangas)
. We thank God for a bountiful 2014 and we are praying for prosperous 2015. We also ask for guidance as we travel through a steep and curvy road.


It was such a fun day because everyone was on the festive mood and can’t get a hang of the New Year celebration. Yesterday was foggy and raining a bit. However, it doesn’t stop us from having fun. It was freaking cold and we love it!

Tagaytay Sky RanchBehind me is the pride of Sky Ranch, the “Sky Eye” Prepare your jacket and bonnet or cap if you don’t want to die in cold (LOL). I bought blue scarf which I am wearing in the picture which helps me fight the cold last night. It will serve as my souvenir as well. It costs Php150.00 but I bought it for Php140.00  with 10 peso discount 😛

Sky Ranch has an amusement park both adult and kids can enjoy. Aside from “Sky Eye” which cost Php150.00, all of the rides cost Php50.00. You also need to pay Php100.00 to get passes to enter in.

Sky Ranch Badge

Let’s collect memories and have something to look back when we are old.

Happy New Year to all!

Family Picture at Sky Ranch

More pictures here: Sky Ranch (Tagaytay)




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