Movie Watch : Praybeyt Benjamin

Yesterday is another fun day!

Sunday supposed to be a rest day so we went to the mall, chill and watch one of the entries of Metro Manila Film Fest which is “Praybeyt Benjamin”. I’ve noticed that people really loves to laugh because the line outside the cinema for this movie is very long compared to the entry next to it which is “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Bayani” which I think worthy of watching than this one which got none. But since I am with people who want to watch the movie, I give in. I want to laugh as well and knowing the humor of Vice Ganda, we will surely roll on the floor laughing. We even tease Nanay to wear her diaper for she might pee on her panty when she burst into laughter.

Obviously, we have high hopes that this movie will really make us laugh, unfortunately it disappoint us. I think and this is just my opinion, Vice Ganda is only funny when he or she (:P) has someone to shame on or if she or he is making fun of herself/himself. That’s the sad truth. I have nothing against this comedienne because if I do, I haven’t watched the movie in the first place. I am one of the people who love watching Gandang Gabi Vice. In fact, I admire this man’s wit. I just felt that there are still a lot of things that he needs to improve to be a better actor.

On the other hand, Alex Gonzaga stood out for us! She can be pretty while being funny. I find her prettier this time.

Nonetheless, the movie is good to watch for kids because of its moral lesson which Family is more important than anything else and fame shouldn’t get into your head or you will lose all the important things/people in your life.

Praybeyt Benjamin is just another movie for kids but not for adults.

Soon to watch: Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo



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