Health Goal 2015 – To Get Fit

Good morning everyone!

One of my goals this 2015 is to get fit. It was on my wish list before but my sister told me that I need to work for it and it is not something to wish and pray for. I told myself “okay then, it will be a goal”.

This is the toughest goal I have this year so I need all the help I can get. If you have any suggestions on how I can achieve my goal faster, feel free to comment below.

To achieve my goal, I need to measure myself and I close my eyes and I did (LOL). One of the reasons why I failed to get fit is that I am looking for a drastic change at once and I get disappointed and discourage if I didn’t get the result I want.

This year, I set a goal on how much I need to lose on my belly and divide it on the date I wish to accomplish it to know how much I need to lose each month. The result for me is that I need to lose 2 inches each month. This way, it looks easy to accomplish. We will see at the end of this month if I hit it.

Afterwards, it is time to set action plan towards your goal’s accomplishment.

Goal 2015I bought a box of slimming coffee, do you think it can help (I told you, I’m a coffee lover. See my previous post)? It is my third day of drinking it and I don’t know if it has an effect on my diet yet. I still have 7 sachets so let’s see.

The taste? It taste like tea :p ..very mild for my taste but I think I can deal with it as long as it is effective.

This is it for now. Good luck for me! What are your goals?

3 thoughts on “Health Goal 2015 – To Get Fit

  1. Hi Cliff,

    I really want to commend you on making a commitment to improve your health. As a person who went through a drastic weight loss (yes, I need to do it again and I will) I just want to open your eyes to a different way of looking at this. One of the best things you can do is to concentrate, not so much on losing weight or size but, on gaining fitness. This can be done by simply going for a walk every day and when shopping or the like, remember ‘incidental exercise’ which is as simple as using stairs instead of elevators and escalators and walking to do errands where possible. It all adds up and the increased oxygen going into your blood plus the extra sunlight you are exposed to can raise your mood quite substantially. If you are already doing this then well done, you are on your way. Another benefit of going for a walk is that it is good meditation and private time and can open the mind for more great blog articles. You are an excellent blogger and this will definitely keep them flowing. Go for it Cliff, you will do it.


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