Tips to Hit Your Weekly Goal

As  a freelancer I have weekly goals to accomplish and just now I hit my weekly goal and I feel on the top off the world! Yey! This call for a celebration and a Sunday night out!

Before I prepare for anything great tonight, I will give you some tips on how to finish your work faster and achieve your weekly goals.

Determine your goal. First and foremost, you need to determine what your goal is. As what I am always saying, you will never have a dream come true if you do not have a dream, same with goals, you will never have a “goal hit” if you never set a goal.

Divide your goals into mini goals. Dividing your goal into mini goals will help you achieve it quickly. Let us say, your goal is to work 50 hours a week, this week. You need to divide 50 hours between your working days. if you want to rest on Sunday, you will divide 50 hours with 6 days (Monday-Saturday). The result is you need to work 8 hours and 30 minutes a day to accomplished your weekly goal.

Decide the time which you are more productive. As a freelancer, we set how many hours to work, how much we want to earn and we set our own schedule. To hit your goal, you need to decide the time you will do the work. The most productive time is the time when no one is disturbing you. Most of freelancers work at night, like me when there isn’t much disturbance.

For 8 hours daily goal, you can work from 4am – 12nn if you are an early riser. If you are a mom who needs to attend many things during the day, you can split your schedule to 4am-8am and be back at 8pm-11pm or if you are an owl like me, you can start working at 7pm to 2am. I can enjoy the rest of the day with my time. It’s your call!

Do the biggest tasks first. This is what I did this week that makes me a winner. Monday is the busiest day for me. I do the hardest tasks first and then as the week is coming to an end my load gets lighter and lighter. This is my strategy and this can be yours too. Normally, there are unexpected invitation or important matters to attend during the week but I’m cool with that because I’m done with the hardest part of the job.

So, these are my tips for you if you want to succeed as a freelancer and if you want to hit your weekly goals. Feel free to share if you think it is valuable and feel free to add more on the comment section.


Weekly Goal

2 thoughts on “Tips to Hit Your Weekly Goal

  1. Thank you Cliff. Common sense approach and very practical. Before I start freelancing I will need to learn how to put a price on whatever work I wish to do. I am completely at sea here after working for what you might call ‘Standard Wages’ for all of my working life. Feel free to contact me either here or via Facebook or Facebook Messenger if you have any tips.

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    1. Thanks for following my blog David and for finding value out of it. Feel free to share it. It might be a common sense approach but these approaches when used are very effective. It is not enough that we know what to do, what matters is we apply what we know.

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