Freelancer Life – Housing Loan

Good evening!

I just arrived from filing for occupancy in my housing loan and I can’t wait to get the keys. The proper turn over would be on February 14, 2015. So this would be a great Valentines gift for me!

One of the problems that freelancers is facing today is that they can’t get a loan from PAG-IBIG because of lack of working documents. PAG-IBIG requires you to be an employee to get a loan other than looking at your capabilities to pay.

Anyway, you can choose in-house. It is faster and it doesn’t require a lot of documents. However, unlike PAG-IBIG, they will give you shorter term. They give me ten years to pay while in PAG-IBIG you can pay for 30 years. The shorter the term the higher monthly payment but lower interest. I am cool with 10 years and I plan to pay for 5 years. Less stress and less interest. Isn’t cool?

The house that I loaned isn’t that big but it is enough and it is in a descent subdivision near the center of the city.

I am just so happy that 2015 is so great this early that I can’t help but to share my joy. Are you a freelancer too? Have you tried to loan through PAG-IBIG and succeeded? Comment and share so our fellow freelancers can learn how!

If you think it is risky for a freelancer because we don’t have a fixed income. Write it down and let’s discuss your worries 😉

Happy to share 🙂

Freelancer Life - Housing Loan

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