Throwback Thursday!

It’s “Throwback Thursday”! One of the most popular trends in social media is throwback Thursday or #TBT. It is because people love to reminisce old but happy memories. They giggle just to see their old picture from their childhood, past romance or vacation.

Since today is Thursday let me join the trend. I want to share with you a picture of me riding a horse. It was taken in Tagaytay last 2012 and it is such a wonderful experience for me.

Tagaytay 2012

It is because it’s a dream comes true. I remember when I was in college more than a decade ago, I wrote down all of my dreams from small ones to big ones and this is one of them. I like the picture of a woman who is riding a horse and I like to try it someday. So this picture was a realization of a dream.

Baguio 2010The first time, I ride a horse was in Baguio 2010. I am happy with the thought that I finally made it. However, it is not how I picture myself riding a horse. We are riding in a slow motion while appreciating the beauty of Baguio. I love the experience though because Baguio is a part of my bucket list way back then.

But what really fulfilled my dream was on Tagaytay. It is because, the guide ride behind me and let the horse run. It was ecstatic and I was screaming! It was thrilling because we are on our way down from the Taal crater and we are in a steep volcano and in front of me is the beautiful sight of Talisay Lake that I’ve only seen in the painting before. It was such a breathtaking view!

Throwback Thursday is a popular trend in Instagram that becomes popular as well to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. They added hashtag (#) for more exposure and with this business people take advantage of it and become part of their social media marketing strategy. If you want people to easily locate your photo add a hashtag on it.

Happy #TBT

#TBT Tagaytay Taal Crater

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