Love and Hate Relationship with Facebook

Hello World!

Do you have a love and hate relationship with Facebook as I do? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone. Just recently, the day before yesterday, Facebook blocked me from my account. It was so devastating. If you think submitting your details like your ID and other things they required to get back your account will work, I am telling you it won’t! There is no other way but to identify the people they show you. You need to enter their names and when you correctly identified them all, congratulations! Your account is back!

As a social media marketer, it is hard for me to identify the people they’ve shown because I have 3,500 people in my Facebook account from different parts of the world. I feel hopeless in that time but I guess, I have to accept my fate and move on from that. After doing some necessary actions to regain what I’ve lost and back from square one, I feel better. Well, I told myself that it is a lesson learned. I shouldn’t have been too social and I should’t be too complacent. My account has been there for a long time so I thought I wouldn’t slapped that way but I am wrong.

Well, just yesterday, I tried once more to identify the people they’ve shown and luckily, I’ve named them all. Another lesson is you should know all your friends even not by name but by heart. It is not that I didn’t know all the people in my account but it is just that I couldn’t recall all their names and even my closest friends give me a hard time naming them. Why? It is because I am used to just looking at their picture and it didn’t bother me if they changed their names into something weird or they spelled their names backwards. Whew!

This time, I will be more careful and use some of FB ads, paid to advertise and will not abuse their free features 😉

I’m glad to be back! Remember, the only way out is to know all your friends 😉

Be my friend!


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