How to Survive as a Freelancer

Freelancing has ups and downs. It is unsecured like everyone is shouting. Nonetheless, thinking of corporate world make me sick and I don’t want to see myself going back there. Freelancing gives me security that being employed can’t give me. It gives me personal satisfaction and it rewards my effort. Also, I never get cheated of political games inside the company.

How to Survive as a Freelancer?

There are low season in the business and even if you earned big time in certain times, there are also moments that your clients business doesn’t performing very well and need to cut hours. How are you going to survive?

Save. As I mentioned above there times when you earned big bucks, you shouldn’t spend it all but you need to learn how to save. Be like an ant that stores food in summer so they have something to eat when rainy days come. More hours with freelancers means opportunity to earn more dollars and lesser hours means vacation time!

Two is Better than One. Since freelancers work per project, you need to have at least 2 clients. Having 1 full time client didn’t work with the nature of our career because even if your client like your performance, it doesn’t guarantee that their business remains forever. You should never be complacent and you should always be prepared. If you have 2 clients and the other one cut you off, you still have one to keep you going while you are hunting for a new client.

Have other Source of Income. Although freelancing is a very rewarding career, it doesn’t mean that you will close your door to other options. You should have something up and running while you are doing your freelancing job so when you’re done with one project, it doesn’t hurt you to chill for a moment before you get another project.

If you are prepared, there is no storm that can hit you and damage you so badly. When you have all your defenses with you, you will always be safe and you will remain harmless. A successful freelancer is a survivor.

Lesson of the day: Be Prepared 😉 (Girl’s Scout Motto)

Prepare and Survive

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