Health Mini Goal Checked!

Happy Saturday and Good morning everyone!

This is the last day of January and it is time for me to check my mini goal for my Health Goal this 2015. I don’t weight myself okay? For the first reason that I don’t have weighing scale but that will soon be followed. As of now, I am checking my progress by measuring my body. If I lose an inch, do I have to check my weight? Experts? I think I am already losing weight that way.

Anyway, my mini goal for this month is to lose 2 inches and I hit it! Hooray! I thought I am going to lose more inch because I hit it 1 week before the month ends but through lack of discipline, I haven’t lose more. But now, I know what works for me. It is to not eat after six pm or what they’ve called “after 6 diet”. It works well for me though sometimes, I can’t help but to sneak out for food after 6pm but I don’t eat heavy.

This is how I accomplished my goal.

1. I measure myself daily. This is to remind myself of my goal and what should I achieve for the day. Measuring myself also motivates me when I see the progress and it also serve as a warning when nothing happens and it adds more inch, it means that I am not doing it right. Measuring daily works for me, I don’t measure myself for weeks or months and surprise myself. I don’t want to get disappointed at the end of the month that I didn’t lose something and it’s too late to make an adjustment. So, I did it daily so I can make necessary adjustments before the deadline.

2. I don’t eat heavy meals after 6pm. I usually sleep around 12am or later than that and I usually get hungry at midnight but since I am going to sleep, I fight not to eat until it becomes a habit. It is always hard at first but as you keep on doing it, you will get used to the schedule. However, temptations are everywhere to ruin that and once your system got ruined even in one day, you have to fight back at once or else you will find it hard to go back to your system.

3. Don’t eat when you are not hungry and don’t wait until you are too hungry. In my case, eating is a hobby. When I’m bored, I eat. When I’m mad, I eat. When I’m watching television, I eat. I eat in every opportunity I get. This has to be stopped. Do not eat when you are not hungry. It will save you not only from getting fat but also it will help to save money.

On the other hard, crash diet don’t work as well. When you starve yourself to death, the tendency is you will get mad and pity yourself and once you get the chance to eat, oh boy! No one knows how many plates you can finish in one meal. Do not wait until you are too hungry to eat. Have an eating pattern that when it is time to eat, you’ve got to stop what you are doing and eat. When you are not too hungry, you will only eat a little.

4. Drink more water. Challenge yourself on how many glasses of water you can drink every day. I am still challenging myself and I am not yet winning. I read in a lifestyle newspaper that if you want to lose weight, you need to drink 1 glass of water every hour. This is quite a challenge for me because in the morning, I drink coffee first and I wait for hours before I drink water. It is because my stomach will go wild if I drink a hot coffee and followed by water. However, this is the challenge I accepted and carry on February. If I need to cut off my coffee intake, I will. Water is good for our health. It cleanses our body plus it makes us feel full, thus it will hinder us from eating too much.

5. Clean the house every morning. This is my exercise. When you wake up in the morning, sitting in front of your computer is a big NO. Help your body circulates the blood and do some activity before you become inactive again.

These are what I’ve done in this month to achieve my mini goal and there are more that has to be done to achieve more. I will not pressure myself, I will do it gradually and I will have fun achieving my health goal.

Goodluck for me and to you if this is your goal too!

Get Fit

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