Productivity Lesson: How to Stop Procrastination

Good evening guys!

A while ago, I was at Candelaria, Quezon which was celebrating their fiesta. It is fun to see people who still bothers to prepare food and patiently waiting and assisting their guests.

On the way home, we bought pakwan (watermelon) and I am so happy to find out that it is so ripe and sweet!

Pakwan from Quezon

Alright, now I am procrastinating! Let’s go straight to our topic.

How to Stop Procrastination?

First, let us define what procrastination means.

Procrastination is delaying the things that you should be doing.

Why it is vital to stop procrastination? It is because it is a lethal hindrance to your productivity. Putting off things that you should be doing can lead to laziness and once you tolerate it, it can lead not only to delaying your work but totally forgetting about it and left it undone. The worst thing is it can become a habit and habit is something you can’t easily get rid off.

Here are some points on how to stop procrastinating.

#1 – Check your physical condition. Before you get angry to yourself, check your physical condition first. Maybe, you are not feeling well or there is something that hurts in you which make it hard for you to focus on your job. Checking your condition is not to justify your laziness but to cure it at once so you can go back to work. Maybe you feel dizzy or head is aching, try to have a quality rest after drinking medicine. When you feel alright, you can go back to work.

If you don’t know what is wrong with you physically but you feel heavy and don’t like to move, take a shower. Sometimes, all you need is a cold shower to awaken all the nerves in your body and to let your blood circulates well. After that, you are in the mood.

#2 – Check your mental condition. I know that craziness is far beyond the reason why you don’t feel like moving. When I say, check your mental condition, it meant to check what’s in your head. Maybe you are upset of something you saw or you hear that’s why you don’t feel like moving. All you need to do is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and say a prayer. Then open your eyes and go to work.

Another mental state that you have is that your mind is full of other things than the task at hand. Maybe some ideas are keep on pouring on other things that you are torn between doing the task at hand or do the other one first. If this is the case, I suggest that you do the task at hand first and close other unrelated things while you are working. Turn off your phone, TV, radio and close the other tab to your Facebook account. The ideas come from the things you saw or hear from other sources so to stay focus, concentrate on what you are doing at the moment. When your full attention is on the thing that you are doing, the ideas that will come in will be for your current task. When you are focus, you will be more creative and productive. Just in case, there are still other unrelated ideas that pop out in your mind, write it down for later use. Your mind will be at peace because you don’t need to hold this brilliant idea in your head until the job is done.

#3 – Check how many hours you’ve worked already. Maybe you are tired and you overworked, although the task is not yet done, you need to rest. You will be more productive if you are well rested rather than pushing yourself to do more.

Include mini-breaks in your schedule to relax your mind once in a while. The worst thing that can happen to you if you don’t take breaks is that you will get burned out. Don’t let this happen, go out and breathe a fresh air.

#4 – Check the task. Do you like it? Maybe you are pushing yourself on the task that you really don’t want to do for the sake of money. Be true to yourself and only accept job or projects that you can do and willing to do.

There are reasons behind procrastination. Get down to the root and cure it at once before it get worst.

Goodnight everyone! Hope you learn something today, if you do please comment below .

Tomorrow is another day! šŸ˜‰

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