Freelancer Life – Housing Loan Part 2 (The Keys)

Good evening!

Remember about the last time I blog about my housing loan and I said that I can’t wait to get the keys? I got it now! I should have get it last Valentines Day but because I am too busy with many things in my life these past few days, I wasn’t able to get it but now it is in my hand. 🙂

If you want to have a house on your own and you are too tired of renting, send me a message and I will gladly help you out or you can message me at my page, YOUR HOME.

If you are afraid of monthly obligation, how come you can be a able to rent for a long time? If you are afraid that one day you will lose your job and you can’t be able to pay on time it won’t happen. It will just happen if you let it happen to yourself. If you know that you have an extra obligation to pay, you need to have an extra extreme of income and you shouldn’t rely solely on your job. So, once you accepted the challenge you should prepare your weapons.

Having my own house was once my goal and a dream and now I am living another dream. Don’t be afraid to set goals and to not be discouraged if you haven’t achieve it in the time frame you wish it to happen, it only means that there is a slight delay or you need to push it more.

I hope that this little achievement of mine and words of wisdom inspires you today to dream, to set a goal and to push it more.

“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.” – Manuel Tratter

Hugs and Keys(es) ❤

House Key

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