Goodbye February, Hello March

It’s the last day of the month and we ended it relaxing in a jacuzzi at Pansol Private Pool in Laguna (if you want to know the name of the resort, you can comment below or you can send me a message at the contact page). We initially want to enjoy the hot spring coming from Mt. Makiling but we have decided otherwise. Accompanied by family and friends, we immediately packed our things and bought some foods and head on the city.

We are rooting for a hydrotherapy to calm our nerves and muscles and we believe that our body needs a rest and some pampering too and finally we had it! We also enjoy the other amenities of the resort such as unlimited videoke and the billiards hall.

After a night of eating, sipping wine while relaxing in jacuzzi and playing, we doze of inside our rooms and wake up 7am in the morning, took our breakfast and left. It was such a day of fun, bonding and relaxing moment. I can’t wait to do it over again.

Now, as a freelancer, you need to take a time off and pamper yourself once in a while to be more productive. Working without playing makes you dull. You know the saying and it is true. Sometimes, we need to go out to refresh our minds, loosened up and have fun. It is socially, mentally and physically healthy. Health is wealth so no matter what happen do yourself a favor and get out of your table.

I usually check my goals and what I achieved at the end of the month and I had a fall back in the midst of February but I manage to bounce back. I lost track of my goals but I find my way back to it. As the saying goes, it is “fall seven times, stand up eight”.

Goodbye February and thank you for the lesson.

Hello March, I’m ready for you!

relaxing at jacuzzi

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