Freelancer Mindset – 3 Types of Receiver

Good morning everyone!

This is indeed a Manic Monday! Another day to be productive and to prove your self-worth. I am usually busy on Monday because I don’t want to sacrifice my Sunday which is my rest day for the work I left undone.

Today, I want to share with you the 3 Types of Receiver, I think it’s 4 but I only remember the 3 types but I believe that there is one in these 3 types that will match your personality. I just watched this years ago on one of Mikey Bustos vlogs (the Canadian idol finalist, singer, comedienne and YouTube sensation video blogger). I feel that I have to share it with you because you can get value out of it. I don’t remember the exact name of the video so I can’t link you into that but you can make a research. I think the illustration about the The Types of Receiver isn’t his original as well so some of you maybe familiar about it. Here you go.

3 Types of Receivers

Receiver #1 – The Reciprocator

This represents people who feel like they need to reciprocate the gesture or whatever good things they have received from somebody. For example, somebody told you that you look pretty today and you will instantly reply with “you look pretty as well”. You feel that you are obliged to bring back what you have received.

Receiver #2 – The Negative

This represents the people who don’t receive any compliments from other people. This is the person who refuse receiving anything. For example, somebody told you that you look fit and you will instantly replied “of course not, I am so fat because I eat too much these days”. People like this oftentimes are lonely people because they always see the negative and they don’t accept the positive in their lives.

Receiver #3 – The Grateful One

This represents the people who are grateful when they received something positive. They just simply say thank you and smile. For example, somebody told you that you look great in your outfit and you instantly replied “thank you” and feel good about yourself afterwards. These people are the happy people for they are open for positive things and instantly received the blessings in their lives.

As a freelancer, you need to develop a grateful mindset. Whenever you are loaded with tasks, you should be grateful that your client trusted you and you should feel good about it and do your job better. Whatever you do will reflect on your profile and will attract more clients.

Lesson learned: 

Positive attracts positive. if you are open to receive blessings in your life you will receive more blessings. If you refuse it, you will never have anything in your life.

What types of receiver are you? Comment below.

Thanks for the work load 😉

Cliff multi-tasking

Thanks for a grateful client 🙂 (deleted some information and the rest of the message for privacy purposes)

client message

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