Freelancer Lesson – Too Much Complacency Can Kill You

Hey guys! The day after yesterday something unforgiveable and unforgettable happened to me that is usually happens in our country. I got the taste of it that day and it taste so sour that I can still taste it until today. What am I talking about? I am talking about the incident when someone out of nowhere snatched my phone.

As a freelancer, I am proud that I can work anytime and anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE literally. I was working inside my L300 FB Van at the passenger seat with my partner beside me at the driver seat when suddenly there were hands grabbing my phone. I am so focus on what I was doing at that moment that I did not notice that man.

Alright! I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I am not being careful knowing that it happens all the time in Manila, especially in that area (Paco, Manila) where the incident happened. We usually close our window especially on traffic jam but sometimes we prefer the air coming outside and we totally forgot about these snatchers.

Too Much Complacency Can Kill You. This is the title of my blog today because that is the lesson I want to share with you today. Sometimes when you are too complacent about everything there come things that you are not expecting. We better be vigilant every day not only from snatchers but also to our life as a whole.

I have a talk with my new secretary yesterday and she told me that she once have a beautiful and stress-free life. Thanks to her husband that is such a good provider but one day, she received a call from her husband employer that her husband had a serious stroke, this where her life turns upside down. She did not know what to do, she did not know how to provide for her children and everything that she has started to melt down. Her once happy life becomes a stressful life with a lot of financial obligation here and there. So what is the lesson there? You need to be prepared. You need to expect the unexpected. This is not to make your life miserable and not to enjoy what you have now but to be sure that you continuously enjoy it.

This lesson is very applicable to freelancers because there are times that we have many projects and client that trusted us but things can change in an instant. Low season happens. We should not wait for the low season to happen before we think of the alternative. We should think for an alternative while we still have everything so that life will not caught us by surprise.

Save, learn more skills and invest so snatchers will never have an opportunity to get what you have. Make sure that your window is always close for thieves.

Still working on the road but have my window closed 😉

freelancer working

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