Freelancer Mindset – Positive Thinking

Happy Saturday everyone and Saturday will be over soon!

I’m excited today because my tasks for today is almost done which means I can be able to rest tomorrow! Yippee!

Today I want to share with you something about positive thinking. It goes not only for freelancer like me but to everyone.

You know sometimes bad things happened in our lives and it’s hard to move on but if you don’t want another problem or bad things to happen, you’ve got to move on fast. I know it’s hard, I’ve been there. You can’t really push yourself to do things when you feel so heavy but it’s okay. I didn’t mean you to act like nothing happens in a second because that it is really impossible.

What you should do is to have a moment alone to reflect on things that had happened, what you did wrong and how you can make it right, afterwards take a full rest and when you are fully rested, mind and body (sleep and prayer will do), it’s time to face the day with a smile. Do things that will make you happy and then begin your daily routine.

You know what will happen to you if you keep on thinking the negative thing that happened, it will attract more negative events. Well, I’m talking through experience here and mine is not a rare case, you can read the book about the power of positive thinking and negative thinking and find out for yourself.

I keep on thinking about what I’ve lost and can’t move on then everything seems not working right at home and while I’m working, double and triple whammy. What I did, I replaced what I’ve lost, I sleep and when I wake up I look on the deals online and see what I can buy and I bought a ticket to Kalibo with travel period on my birthday. I will go to Boracay! Does this makes me happy? Yes, it does and what makes me happier is that I bought the ticket with a huge discount! I bought the ticket for Php2,000 roundtrip for 2 person, tax free! Isn’t it a deal?

After I made myself happy, all things work well and everything seems to fall into its perfect place. This week, with all the things that had happened I feel good and accomplished!

Always think positive! That’s the moral lesson of this week.

Good vibes!


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